Full Body Male Muscle Flexing

13th February 2013

Okay, we’ve been putting up a whole lotta YouTube videos lately, but how can you resist this hunk of muscle as he flexes his bulging, muscular physique for the camera? Even better, he does it while wearing abbreviated briefs! Those pecs, those flaring thighs, those awesome guns!


Awesome Asian Muscle Guy

12th February 2013

This bodybuilder, Mike, gives muscle building tips, but while the tips are good, honestly I can’t get enough of those bulging shoulders!


Jay Cutler Working Arms!

22nd July 2012

Massive bodybuilder Jay Cutler working his bulging biceps 7 weeks before the 2011 Mr. Olympia. And man, are those guns scary huge!


Working MASSIVE Arms!

08th January 2012

He’s large, he’s black and he’s working those massive arms, chest and his entire bulging upper body. Man, Johnnie Jackson is one BIG dude! Watch him sweat as he works out in this inspiring video!

Jay Cutler Working Out

09th November 2011

Oh. My. Gawd! Jay Cutler is huge, as always, and this video – it’s an ad for Powertec Fitness – gets some closerups to die for in the second half. The first half has Jay grunting as he works out hard. Great video – so great that even though there’s no larger version, I thought

Raul from Live Muscle Show

06th October 2011

Massive Latino bodybuilder

The folks from Live Muscle Show sent us some pics of massive and muscular Raul Ricardo, and he got my blood pumping. He’s a feast for the eyes, and the mix of pics they sent us shows off his huge, striated triceps, sculpted thighs and awe-inspiring shoulders! I’ll be honest with you – I went to the site, but couldn’t find him there, but Raul is such a muscle God that I think I’ll keep looking ;)

Handsome Latino Muscle

08th June 2011

Hot Latin muscle man

Muscle Gallery‘s Jonny Delgado has got a great big chest and ya gotta love those powerful biceps, triceps and his vascular forearms – it’s obvious he puts a lot of work into them. He’s also got the kind of handsome, pouty male good looks that make women (and a lot of men) almost drool when he walks by. Oh, yeah – and he’s got a great butt!

I was watching training videos when I came across this one. It’s of IFBB pro bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson working his massive upper body at the gym, and his arms and chest are SOOO impressive. He’s oiled up and sweaty (and doesn’t that just make it better?) as his pumped muscles bulge with each rep!

Bodybuilder Ludovic Bogaert working out

Ludovic Bogaert is a French bodybuilder who won the NAC World Championships in the Junior Category last year. When he’s not working out to pack on more muscle, he’s works as a bodyguard and gets some gigs posing for physique magazines. He did this shoot for Muscle Gallery at the gym, working out so that his spectacular biceps, triceps and chest are shown to their best – and very muscular – advantage!

Muscle man at the beach

This is Silvio from Muscle Romania. He’s big and built, and you gotta love those Eastern European bodybuilders – they’re buff and masculine. Silvio looks great in the sun showing off his physique. I’d also like to mention that Hard Male Muscle just got permission from Muscle Romania to browse and use pics of their models for the blog – thanks to them, and if you want to show your appreciation, visit their site via the link below!

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