Amateur Latin bodybuilder with great arms

Luis from Man of Muscle is a SoCal amateur bodybuilder with years of experience in the gym and amazing chest, shoulders and guns. The funny thing is he’s one of those guys who doesn’t look muscular till they get pumped up. How does this well-built Latin guy pack on all this development that doesn’t show till he contracts his muscles? Then, wow!

Hot SoCal Muscle Man

22nd May 2011

Hot male bodybuilder

He’s tanned – he’s toned – he’s Francisco Soriano, a HAWT L.A. bodybuilder whose good looks and studly physique get him plenty of jobs in fitness and muscle modeling.  Here he is showing off his stuff in the warm Southern California sun…  And he’s not only muscular (oh, those thighs!!!), but he’s got that strong masculine presence that makes both men and women notice him!  You can see more of Francisco’s pics and plenty of video by heading over to Muscle Gallery!

Massive bodybuilder David Riley

David Riley is a a massive super heavyweight who’s not only huge – he’s got tons of ultra-masculine presence.  This shoot from Muscle Gallery is from last year, right after he won the 2010 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Competition.  Here he is showing off his amazing physique and great smile as he gets ready to do a video, and can you believe his gigantic muscles – especially those tree trunk thighs?

Amateur L.A. Muscle

22nd April 2011

At first glance, you notice that Oleg from Man of Muscle is the kind of handsome that isn’t flashy, but definitely catches the eye. Same with his physique. Oleg is no Arnold, but spends a lot of time in the gym, and it shows, particularly his arms, chest and back. He’s well-built with strong forearms, a muscular back and full biceps. You can bet he turns some heads when he’s working out… and in the locker room! Click to see more of Oleg at Man of Muscle.

Hard Bodied and Masculine

15th February 2011

Masculine bodybuilder posing

One look at Muscle Gallery‘s Ilario Rongioletti shows not only his hard, muscular body but also his masculine assertive presence. This is no weekend warrior – Ilario’s dense muscles show that he spends many hours sweating in the gym over very heavy weights. He was in contest shape and then some when he did this photo shoot, absolutely ripped to the bone so that he’s as vascular as he is built. Ilario’s forearms are powerful, he’s got washboard abs and his dark eyes command attention!

Nick Zack is HOT!

05th December 2010

Hot muscle man outdoors

Big and sexy bodybuilder Nick Zak shows off all his gorgeous striated muscles in this outdoor scene for Muscle Gallery. Ah, those pouty lips, massive chest, and the way his shorts emphasize those powerful thighs. And man, love those big guns – you don’t get to see big muscular biceps like this every day!

Muscular, Hot and Over 50

04th October 2010

Paul from Man of Muscle is living proof that you can be fit, strong and HOT beyond your forties. He’s vigorous, into all sorts of exercise including weight lifting and swimming, and he’s also an actor and model. An amazing all-male physique, and check out those shoulders!

Handsome male muscle model

Athletic and lean, Jacob is a model who spends hours each day in the gym. He’s exotic and handsome, and he really knows just how to move. It probably won’t come as a surprise if I tell you that Jacob is a professional model – and he was one of the first guys to pose at Man of Muscle, too!

Amateur bodybuilder posing

This is another of the first shoots from Man of Muscle. This amateur’s name is Lon, and he loves working out as much as he loves posing and showing off his body. They also caught him doing a light workout with some dumbells. Lon will return later, bigger, more ripped and even better. You can see more of him here.

Hot Personal Trainer

01st August 2010

Muscle man Fernando

Fernando was one of the first models for Man of Muscle, but he’s also one of the best. He’s an ex-competition bodybuilder from er who used to do bodybuilding contests when he lived in Venezuela who is now a personal trainer in Southern California.  I’d say his best features are his bulging arms and chest, and his workouts certainly make the most of both!